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Wedding Dance Lessons




"We gained confidence and had dance date nights, Tulle Tuxedo 

prepared us to feel at ease and have fun with our First Dance!"

- Emily, Bride

Tulle Tuxedo is an award winning boutique dance studio focused on creating unforgettable Wedding Dances that are a personal expression of each couple. Our approach is fresh and individualized ensuring our couples feel confident and prepared for their Reception.

Lessons are available nationwide in-person & online.

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Our Signature Process


We start with a simple step and turn sequence that’s easy to practice and remember. This way you won’t be in your head thinking about the steps, but instead focused on each other enjoying the special moment.



Here’s where we make the dance really feel like ‘you’ by providing options to dress up your dance - ensuring your dance matches your song & style. This could include extra spins, dips, or even a lift!

*With 4 or 8 Lesson Package.



Here’s where we get your dance feeling good, looking good, and ready to be seen by guests. Nothing new is added here so you can focus on mastering the fluidity of the dance. Then you’ll be confident and ready to debut your dance at the reception!

In-Person Lessons

Tulle Tuxedo Wedding Dance Lessons are currently available near these major U.S. Cities:




Online Lessons

Our Online Wedding Dance Lessons provide couples the opportunity to learn their first dance from the comfort of their own home! 


Wedding Dance Packages

 We've seen first-hand the value we bring to couples, so we've curated a variety of packages to suit each couple's vision for their First Dance.  


Lessons are 45 minutes in length and payment is due upon booking.


"We don't want anything too fancy"

Keep it simple without the frills. Learn a basic step sequence with turns.

*Include a Dip for an additional Fee


"We want to spin & dip!"

Impress your guests as soon as you walk onto the floor. Includes basic step sequence PLUS spin and dip options for your personalized Entrance and Finale.


"We want to be Dancing With The Stars worthy!"

Show off with personalized choreography to your song. Make your dance unforgettable with spins, dips and even a lift!

Other Services


Daughter Dance Lessons




Dance Lessons



Dance Lessons


It really was a dream dance!

— Aubrie, Bride



"My fiancé and I had never danced together before and our instructor made us feel so comfortable and helped create a fantastic first dance for us. We had so much fun going to the lessons every week and we really impressed our guests on our big day."

Megan, Bride

"Dancing felt so intimidating to me but our instructor made it fun and easy. They go at your pace and meet you where you are."

Bryn, Bride

"I scheduled dance lessons with both my fiancé and dad; they were so much fun and definitely prepared us for the dance floor!!"

Kristin, Bride

"Wedding planning was stressful but our wedding lessons were definitely one of the most enjoyable parts. It felt more like date night than work!"

Tyler, Groom

"I'm so glad we added this addition to our wedding. Throughout the stress of planning, weekly lessons helped remind us our wedding was going to be fun and so worth it."

Makala, Bride

"There is a reason Tulle Tuxedo is rated #1! Our instructor was absolutely fantastic in helping us choreograph our first dance. We just couldn't picture ourselves doing a slow dance to a serious love song in front of all our family and friends, and hoped we could someone who could help us show our personalities! They understood exactly what we were looking for while making sure we had "picture perfect" moments. Our guests couldn't stop talking about our dance afterwards. It was definitely a highlight of the night. We had so much fun and miss our weekly lessons! Side note: It is fun to have some creative release during the really stressful planning times."

Tayler, Bride

"My daughter and I chose Tulle Tuxedo Wedding Dance to choreograph and teach us a father/daughter dance and the results were nothing short of perfect - we finished our dance to cheers and tears."

Mike, Father of the Bride

"Tulle Tuxedo truly made it OUR dance and it surpassed our expectations in so many ways!!"

 Abbie, Bride

"We got so many compliments on our dance.. we've recommended Tulle Tuxedo to 4 or 5 friends now!"

— Missy, Bride



When should we start lessons?

Our goal is that you'll feel confident and comfortable by the time you perform your dance. Since preparing your dance has a lot to do with muscle memory, we recommend starting no later than 2-3 months before the wedding date.

How long are the lessons? How often should we schedule them?

Lessons are 45 minutes in length and we find it best to schedule your lessons weekly to build on muscle memory.

How do packages work?

Our packages are curated based on the vision for you dream dance. Our Signature Process will help  you feel prepared by your final lesson even if you've never danced before!

Can I add more lessons or upgrade my package after we've started?

Absolutely! Simply discuss it with your instructor.

I want our dance to have more than one song, how many lessons will I need?

For more than one song, we generally start with the 8 Lesson Package. To discuss your vision for your dance, email

My Fiance and I are NOT dancers, can you help us?

In short - yes! Even if someone in the partnership has a dance background - we find it's usually the first time the couple is dancing together formally! 

Where are you located?

Tulle Tuxedo offers in-person lessons in select cities and online over Zoom and through our online course. Exact addresses to studios are shared upon booking.

How many lessons will I need for my Father Daughter & Mother Son Dance?

For a simple dance we recommend a minimum of 2 Lessons to polish the dance.

Booking Form 

Please fill out the form below - Then we'll be in touch with you asap!

*Please note: Payment is due upon booking. All major credit cards are accepted.

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