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Founded in 2017, Tulle Tuxedo is a national wedding dance instruction company dedicated to making sure our clients nail the most romantic dance of their lives -- in a way that feels wildly natural, romantic, and fun (even if you’re a total beginner). Offering in-person and online lessons.

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Caitlin Camarda // Founder

Caitlin started Tulle Tuxedo Wedding Dance in 2017 with the goal of helping couples tell their love story through their First Dance.

Caitlin grew up watching her parents, U.S. Ballroom Champions Robert & Jennifer Foster,  compete and perform romantic and beautiful show dances. Inspired - she'd often be found choreographing dances for herself and her friends after school. 

With a calling to harness the 'magic' as well as her experience choreographing for competitions, shows, musicals and dancing Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Jazz and Hip Hop - she wanted to share with couples the thrill of dancing together.

Caitlin has since grew Tulle Tuxedo from being the most popular Wedding Dance Studio in Minnesota to offering in-person lessons in 20 U.S. Cities (and counting!), online lessons over Zoom, and her online Wedding Dance Course: Fairytale First Dance.

Our Teaching Style

Date night feel. Often the emphasis is on the Wedding Day itself but we believe couples should have fun leading up to it! 

Not overly choreographed (unless that's what you want!). We understand you can have little to no experience in dance so we never over complicate our moves.

We keep it natural. We want you to enjoy that special moment at your reception, not in your head thinking about steps! Our signature process helps you feel comfortable and confident. 

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Our Team

We pride ourselves in our ability to help couples feel comfortable and confident every step of the way.

Tulle Tuxedo only partners with friendly, highly skilled, and passionate ballroom dance instructors dedicated to turning your vision for your dance into reality.

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