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How do I book our lesson?

Currently the best way to book is through our Form and ask questions is through email. That's the easiest and fastest way to communicate to get you set up!

We've never really danced before so we're really nervous about doing this...

Most people haven't! Our lesson together will be focused on making sure it's a fun and romantic experience to do together in preparation for your wedding day.

We're looking to do just one lesson and go from there, why don't I see that option?

It's best to do a minimum of two lessons because first we prepare and practice the dance, then the last lesson is considered a 'polishing lesson' where nothing new is added but we go over details to make it look and feel good. (Essential for great photos!) If you're short on time, we can combine the 2 lessons to a single 90 Minute Lesson or 

do only one 45 Minute lesson for $197.

Are the lessons one-on-one?

Yes! Each lesson is tailored to the couple. If friends or family would like to dance too, there are lessons available for the Father/Daughter, Mother/Son and Wedding Party separately

(a la carte style!).

How far in advance should we schedule?

At your earliest convenience! It's recommended not to book too close to your wedding may make the preparation feel rushed and stressful. 

Have an additional question? Email me at

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