7 Common Wedding Dance Mistakes

Updated: Feb 16

The Wedding Dance is a long standing tradition at receptions. Here's 7 mistakes couples make during their wedding dance.

7. Not preparing early enough

Thinking that you’ll remember your dance better if you learn it two weeks before your wedding HUGE mistake. Dancing requires muscle memory and needs time to establish a foundation so you no longer have to think about what the next step is.

What to do: Start working on your dance 2 to 6 months before your wedding ensuring your First Dance will feel and look natural.

6. Thinking you’ll be bad

Just because you’ve never danced before doesn’t mean you can’t learn it. No one is born knowing how to dance and even though some adhere to moving with music more naturally than others - it doesn’t mean you should skip it all together.

What to do: See this as a time to learn a new skill together! Dance is one that you can use for decades to come.

5. Winging it

Your dad didn’t harp on saying “If you are failing to plan, you are preparing to fail” for nothing. There’s a lot of choreography that happens on your wedding day and if you don’t at least discuss what you’ll do for your First Dance, you could end up missing an opportunity for a memorable moment.

What to do: Put it on your checklist. A lot of Wedding wedding websites neglect mentioning preparing your First Dance. Either they assume you remember what we did in gym class or think you’ll stick to a slow dance rocking back and forth. Either way, discuss with your fiance early enough so you have time to take lessons if need be.

4. Not Creating An Ambiance

The First Dance is THE highlight at the reception. Leaving the lights all bright over your guests makes it difficult to focus. There’s a reason why everyone looks good on Dancing With The Stars despite being beginners - it’s all about setting the stage.

What to do: Talk with your venue to make sure the lights are lowered around the guests so only the lights are on the dance floor.

3. Looking Down

Having all eyes on you may make you a bit shy. A natural tendency is to look down but this could cause awkward photos of your dance.

What to do: Keep eyes on each other. This way your photographer can get snaps where you look connected and in love.

2. Keeping the dance short

We’ve all been paused at reception to watch an awkward First Dance and we never wanted to be THAT couple that destroys our guests good time. Thinking that shortening the song will lessen the lull at your reception actually doesn’t help at all - it actually takes from your special moment at your reception.

What to do: If you feel awkward, chances are your guest will too. Get familiar with dancing with your fiance ahead of time so you can move in sync with one another and soak up your time together.

1. Song choice

Don’t think that you need to stick with what’s traditional. Each relationship is unique and like a lid to every pot - there’s a song for your relationship.

What to do: Google Wedding Song lists and sift through Spotify Playlists - you may find a gem that speaks to the two of you.

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