How long should our Wedding Dance be?

Wedding Dance Lessons
Location: Green Acres Barn | Photographer: Flow Event Group

This is the #1 question couples ask me when preparing their First Dance. Short answer: As long as you want it to be!

It’s your wedding and you get to customize it as much as you want. Even though there’s no set time, there’s something I’ve noticed in my 15+ years of teaching Wedding Couples…

Couples who feel awkward dancing together, tend to have a short First Dance vs. couples who feel comfortable on the dance floor.

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I’ve had couples that start out wanting to cut their song because they didn’t want to bore their guests but after we’ve had a few lessons, they were having so much fun dancing - 3 minutes went by in a SNAP! all because they were enjoying themselves. And if you enjoy your dance, your guests will too.

I don’t want you to look at your dance as something you need to do as a part of the tradition, but a memorable moment symbolizing the two of you coming together to create something more beautiful.

So when it comes to choosing your length -

First practice your First Dance (with the song playing in its full length), then decide if you’ll shorten it.

This will give you a realistic feel for your First Dance and if you should make any adjustments.

Caitlin Camarda

Owner of Tulle Tuxedo Ballroom & Wedding Dance

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