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Sweet & Simple​


The First Dance will blend seamlessly with the rest of the wedding. No need to make a big deal of it, just take a moment to appreciate stepping into this new chapter of life together - low key, without the frills.

Spin & Dip!

You appreciate tradition and at your wedding, you can really shine! All eyes will be one you so you want to make it worth their while - some picturesque spins and dips in your First Dance will do the trick.

Dancing With The Stars Style

It’s YOUR wedding and you want every last detail to have your signature style. A basic First Dance just won’t do. You want to really give them a show - something they’ll be talking about for months, if not years to come!

Do a Mash-up! 

Having a romantic moment for your First Dance is important to you but you also want to make it fun for your guests - Why have only one dance when you can have two?!

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