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Mostly A's

Sweet & Simple​


The First Dance will blend seamlessly with the rest of the wedding. No need to make a big deal of it, just take a moment to appreciate stepping into this new chapter of life together - low key, without the frills.

These moments tho 😍 My heart is melting
Mostly B's

Spin & Dip!

You appreciate tradition and at your wedding, you can really shine! All eyes will be one you so you want to make it worth their while - some picturesque spins and dips in your First Dance will do the trick.

Double Tap ❤️ if you believe in more kis
Mostly C's

Dancing With The Stars Style

It’s YOUR wedding and you want every last detail to have your signature style. A basic First Dance just won’t do. You want to really give them a show - something they’ll be talking about for months, if not years to come!

She wasn’t sure if she could do her spli
Mostly D's

Do a Mash-up! 

Having a romantic moment for your First Dance is important to you but you also want to make it fun for your guests - Why have only one dance when you can have two?!

❤️ THESE TWO!! “If you didn’t have a sur
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