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5 Regrets Couples Have in Their Wedding Dance

Wedding Couple Preparing For First Dance

As a Wedding Dance Instructor I've heard (and seen) it all when it comes to couples First Dance as a freshly married couple. What surprised me the most is their view on their dance.

I want to share with you common regrets so you'll feel prepared when it's your time.

Regret #1 - Not preparing their First Dance early enough

I've had couples want to start preparing their dance 2 weeks before their wedding because they 'didn't want to forget' their dance. Dancing is a motor skill and your body needs time for you to adapt and feel comfortable. Learning even a basic dance right before your wedding isn't enough time to get that natural, romantic feeling you're aiming for.

My advice: Start preparing your dance at least 2-3 months before your Wedding Date.

Regret #2 - Wearing the wrong outfit

When you've prepared a Wedding Dance that includes fancy moves like Dips or even a Lift, some Wedding Dresses are just not built for that sort of mobility. When working with Brides, I'll accommodate the steps as much as possible. But many Wedding Dresses are not made for movement, but to be statuesque.

"Right before we were about to do our dance, we looked at each other and knew my Wedding Dress was going to be way too restricting for our dance. We made the quick decision right then to change into my party dress instead." – Tiara, Tulle Tuxedo Bride

Shoes can also pose an issue for balance and mobility. Switching to more comfortable shoes can help the fluidity of the dance as well as confidence. I remind my couples that the dress reveal already happened, so accommodating what you're wearing to help your First Dance feel comfortable.

My advice: Whatever you wear for your dance shouldn't distract you from doing the moves you want to do and have the connection you want to have.

Regret #3 - Cutting The First Dance Short

When couples first come to me, they often think we'll need to cut their song short for fear of boring their guests PLUS they've never danced with each other before so the idea of performing in front of their guests makes them want it over as soon as possible.

My advice: With preparing your dance ahead of time, you'll get a feel for your comfort level of how much time you'd like to spend in your First Dance.

Regret #4 - Trying Dips & Lifts without proper instruction

The biggest fear couples have is falling or looking foolish dancing in front of their guests. Despite this, they'll still attempt one of the hardest moves in dance - The Dip. The Dip shouldn't be as though the Bride is in a trust fall and the Groom is there to catch her - The Dip should have a balanced hold and solid foundation... Then the Bride able to support herself and drape back.

My advice: Seek expert guidance for moves that are a bit riskier like dips and lifts.

Regret #5 - Not making the First Dance a highlight at the reception

The First Dance represents the two people coming together to make something more beautiful. Often when a couple hasn't ever danced formally together, they'll glaze over the dance but it's actually an opportunity to hold your guests attention for the first time since the ceremony.

My advice: Hold a vision for your dream First Dance - how do you want to feel when you do it? Then take the proper steps to turn that vision into reality.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy The Moment

I know you're excited for your Big Day but don't forget to savor the time leading up to it. Committing a Date Night to preparing your dance might be a favorite memory you'll have about your wedding AND you'll impress your guests because you took the time to prepare.


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