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The Dip: How to pull it off like a Pro

A Dip is the most photographable dance move on your Wedding Day. Wedding Dance Coach Caitlin Camarda breaks down key tips for the perfect Dip.

No matter how simple my couples want to keep their First Dance, they always want to end with a Dip.

Here's my best tips for a successful Wedding Dance Dip!

Tip #1 - Foundation is EVERYTHING

This is the difference between a successful Dip or failing miserably. Before lowering into a Dip a Leader must feel sturdy on his feet! Diving into a Dip before centering over his stance would spell disaster - always be sturdy and centered before you lead a Dip.

Tip #2 - Trust starts with a proper hold

The most important thing a Leader can do before lowering the Follower is first helping his partner feel safe. This comes from first wrapping his arms around his partner, bringing her into him before lowering her into the Dip.

Tip #3 - Support starts in your body

Some couples think Dips are like falling - when really it's the opposite! The Leader supports the Dip upward through their back and arms while the Follower supports themselves through their hips and ribcage.

Tip #4 - Practice, Practice, Practice

Like with any motor skill, you need to practice it until you really have it down. Then next time you go in for your Dip, you can do it naturally and with confidence.

Tip #5 - Finish strong

Hold! Hold! Hold! Make sure to hold your Dip for at least 5 seconds so you have enough time for the photographer to snap a photo (and for the applause)! You worked hard to get it right so stick your landing and enjoy the moment.

It's a great skill to have...

You don't need to just whip out a Dip at your Wedding, you can do it anytime you're dancing to music (or just goofing off!).


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